Custom Built


Infinite possibilities, a truly custom experience. Here, we create the difference between a PC you buy and the PC you create. This PC will be like no other in the world. This PC is not made on an assembly line in a foreign country. All Hunt Tech Customs are assembled by hand, here in-house according to your specifications.

1. Needs & Wants:

We discuss what you would like in your custom PC whether you are an enthusiast like ourselves, or you don’t know anything about computer components, we will guide you towards your dream PC and help you choose the components and software that you need and want.

2. Building Begins:

Once we find specs that will work for you and you approve, we begin ordering parts not in stock and begin the building process. Your system is hand-built with the care of an enthusiast not just an employee. 

3. Stress Testing Begins:

With the system completed, it moves into the testing stage where a series of stress tests are performed to ensure that your PC will handle perfectly even under 100% load to it’s components.








Gamer PC's



New! Phanteks Case with Tempered Glass

We have a selection of cases to fit your Gaming needs. The new Phanteks line is modern and sleek, with matte finishes and Glossy glass, gives that High -End look, without the high price!! With more free space to accommodate larger graphics cards, water cooling, and multiple drives, to empower your system with cooling efficiency and speed, without the heat or noise.