How did I get this?

Hello, Chad here from Hunt Technology.  We bring you an informative blog about New Technology, PC Security, and anything PC related. We will try to cover the most up to date & relevant topics, and not lose you in any techy lingo. This is strictly an “information publication”; in most aspects of topics discussed, only […]

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Are you using Zoom yet?

Everyone in North America who’s been forced to work, or does schoolwork, from home during the corona virus lockdown seems to be using the video-conferencing platform for meetings, classes and even social gatherings.  There are good reasons Zoom has taken off and other platforms haven’t.  Free & Easy to use and let’s up to 100 […]

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10 has a Bug

Windows 10 has a nasty bug that might affect people working from home A bug in Windows is allowing hackers to attack computer users, Microsoft has said. The company is aware of the bug but is yet to patch it. It said that attackers are exploiting the bug, but did not say who they were […]

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