Are you using Zoom yet?

Everyone in North America who’s been forced to work, or does schoolwork, from home during the corona virus lockdown seems to be using the video-conferencing platform for meetings, classes and even social gatherings.  There are good reasons Zoom has taken off and other platforms haven’t.

 Free & Easy to use and let’s up to 100 people join a meeting for free. It just works. But there’s a downside. Zoom’s ease of use makes it easy for troublemakers to “bomb” open Zoom meetings. Information-security professionals say Zoom’s security has a lot of holes. Those holes are quickly being patched, but new ones continue to appear.  

There’s also been scrutiny of Zoom’s privacy policy, which until recently seemed to give Zoom the right to do whatever it wanted with users’ personal data, and its encryption policies, which have been more than a tad misleading.

Does all this mean that Zoom is unsafe to use? No. 

Unless you’re discussing state or corporate secrets, or disclosing personal health information to a patient, Zoom should be fine.  For school classes, after-work get-togethers, or even workplace meetings that stick to routine business, there’s not much risk in using Zoom. Kids will probably continue to flock to it, as they can even use Snap chat filters on Zoom.

When you click a link to join a meeting, your browser will open a new tab and prompt you to use or install the Zoom desktop software. But in the fine print, there’s a link to “join from your browser.” Click that instead. If you are hosting a Zoom meeting, ask that meeting participants sign in with a password. That will make Zoom-bombing much less likely. I hope this helps a bit. There are several other Apps that you can use, Skype, Google Meeting, Team viewer, all have some sort of security issues of sorts, it is hit or miss finding the right one to use.

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