Windows 7 end of life

Windows 7 end of life

Well, here we go. By the time you read this the support for windows 7 will have ended. To be honest, mainstream support for windows 7 ended back in 2015, the extended support will have ended on the 14th of January. Does this mean my PC will not work after the 14th? No, it will continue to work as it did before, just Microsoft will not repair or maintain it any more. You are out in the cold now.

Microsoft has agreed that Internet Explorer 11, or the big blue “E” is a major component of windows 7 operating system that will be at risk of being compromised after the 14th. Hackers are waiting in the wings to ascend on earth all things terrible, and if you continue to use 7 after the 14th, the odds of you being hacked infected, or data held for ransom grow higher the longer you use it.

Warranty claims on windows 7 will not be answered by Microsoft. In the wild ransom ware, malware and adware will only multiply, and to the point of why fix it, cause it will happen again, just as soon as it is cleaned out. Windows XP suffered the same demise, and it is impossible to build a “new” old XP machine because the servers that make XP genuine, by Microsoft, are shut down. Windows 7 servers will go down after a few months as well, so trying to build a “new” old win 7 PC will not work either.

Time to upgrade

The time is now, but it isn’t free. And if you plan on upgrading your laptop or desktop to Win 10, after it gets infected, that won’t work either. Windows 10 requires a clean install, meaning no bugs. Upgrading an infected PC to win 10 never works, and will cost more to clean out before the cost of the upgrade.

Running any OS after the support has ended for it is a gamble, how much do you want to gamble? Seriously, how much are ready to lose, permanently. Ransom ware and malware on an un-patched system, that can’t be patched from Microsoft, is not repairable. This is deeper than just a virus, this is your machine being taken over, and either taken down, or limited use by you. You don’t have a resolve.

I have had many clients lose everything to Ransom ware, for 2 reasons.  They did not back up the data to an external source. They did not have a patched system with current updates.

What to do now

I am here to help you decide if you want to upgrade your PC to Windows 10, bring it into Hunt Technology, we will run a tool to see if your machine can handle the upgrade, if it is free from virus’s, or if you need a new PC, and need your data transferred. Those options will allow you to keep ALL of your data from hackers, or being lost forever. Thanks for reading, and remember at “Hunt Technology”, you always get “Quality Service & Individual Attention” you deserve.

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