Backing up Your Data!

Backing up Your Data!

Ok, how long has it been since any of you have backed up any of your data?

The reason I ask, is because over time, you will acquire data, in the form of word documents, pictures, emails, photos, videos and music files. Periodically you should back that data up to another device. How? Well there are several methods you can use, being a USB thumb drive, blank DVD’s, or even cloud based storage (Carbonite). Find one that suits your needs best, then do it religiously. The actual time needed largely depends on the amount of data created. Try to avoid duplicates, most external drives have back-up software installed on them, Pc’s have a back-up feature that you can program what to backup, what time of the week or month, just make sure your backup device is connected.

A system Image is a complete image of your hard drive, but, that should be done right away when you first get your PC, it is a recovery image. Images take up large amounts of space, and should not be confused with data backups. Data Backups should be done weekly, they are smaller, and will fit on a small flash drive.

Example; If you take lots of photos, I am sure you dump them on your PC, to free up your camera memory card, but then what? Do you trust they are safe on your PC? Actually, it is a temporary life device, anything that has a chip in it, a phone, tablet, PC, laptop, are at risk of the data being lost or corrupted. So why risk it? Today’s Data storage devices are way too cheap NOT to back it up, Frankly, I do not understand why my clients create tons of data, and never make another copy of it, and or store it in a safe place. Your PC is only a temporary place to keep it, for now, but the risk is very high that you will lose it at some point however.

  • Original
  • Copy
  • Copy Offsite

The original is on your device, back it up to a flash drive (copy 2), then make another and keep it off site, like at your parents’ house (copy 3).  Not all data is needed to be kept in this fashion, but for businesses, invoices and Tax records, this is a good rule of thumb. Personally, I keep the original on my device, and I copy it to an external drive, once a week, that is sufficient. Keep that external drive safe, and for Professionals, this could include keeping it in the cloud, were it is accessible from any pc at any time.

Why all the fuss? Well let’s just say when you are in the shop, with a broken life device, and the guy behind the counter asks you” have you backed up your data?” this tidbit of info will save you a lot of sleep, and sadness. The only data that you will lose is the time between your last backup. Otherwise, I have a large box of tissues I keep on hand for just such an occasion.

Hunt Technology offers Counseling Services, we can teach you how to back up your data, keep it safe, and show you alternatives for storage. Thanks for reading, and remember at “Hunt Technology”, you always get “Quality Service & Individual Attention” you deserve. 

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