Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification

We live in a world where technology has given us the power to have what we want almost instantaneously. Not having to wait for anything is the current trend, but in a not so distant time ago, having to wait 15 seconds for something to happen was very tolerable. Ten seconds was an improvement, and now of course 1 second tends to be an eternity. Why is that?

The last few weeks I have been listening to case studies about the length in time someone is willing to wait, for anything from a cup of coffee, to a web page to load. Most of these studies only go back a few years, but even those results are astonishing, mostly because of how technology has shaped our world relative to speed. We now live in a world where we are connected to the web, but, disconnected from each other, even sitting next to someone, the disconnection is so severe, we don’t make eye contact, nor do we speak to each other. Our heads are buried in our devices, un-aware of life happening around us.

How long would you wait for a cup of good coffee? The average time is 3 minutes

I remember a time when dial up internet took 5 mins to load the MSN news web page, and that seemed very fast, because we had nothing to compare it to. The reality today is that 47 percent of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. 40 percent of consumers will wait no more than three seconds for a web page to render before abandoning the site. Seriously 2 seconds?? I remember having to call collect from Florida to talk to my parents in Wisconsin, and that connection took 2 mins to connect, not 2 seconds as like today. More numbers to boggle you mind, are you ready? The average American will wait

  • on average of 20 minutes a day for the bus or train
  • 32 minutes whenever they visit a doctor
  • 28 minutes in security lines whenever they travel
  • 21 minutes for a significant other to get ready to go out
  • 13 hours annually waiting on hold for a customer service
  • 38 hours each year waiting in traffic
  • those living in Big cities wait in traffic more than 50 hours annually

= about 37 billion hours each year waiting in line somewhere and what about our Phones?

  • We spend 32.5 days a year on our phones
  • The average American spends 5.4 hours a day on their phone
  • 12 years of the average person’s life

So I guess waiting 3 seconds for a web page to load really isn’t a long time, unless you have had a taste of this technology we now live in today. Thanks for reading, and remember at “Hunt Technology”, you always get “Quality Service & Individual Attention” you deserve.  Hunt Technology, 320 Watson St., Ripon WI, 920-290-0936

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