Living Analog in a Digital World

Living Analog in a Digital World

I must admit, I have an uncontrollable affection for anything old, from computers to toasters, and anything in between. This desire to obtain old junk, started when I was a boy. My grandfather used to take me to swap meets, yard sales, what have you. I would watch him go bonkers over antiques, and now those antiques as I call them are just old school technology. Watching movies, old ones, I always point out how the tech was dated per every film.  Phone booths and the car phones in a bag, ha!

Now spin the clock ahead 30 years, I still wear a watch. It is however a digital watch, but with an analog face, with minute hands and all. Even though I have the ability to stay current with the trend, say headphones. I have several sets of headphones, over the ear, Bluetooth, in ear noise canceling, I always reach for the over the ear, wired, headphones that have a jack. Why not Bluetooth? The sound from the analog devices is pure, rich and deep. Yes, I am tethered, and it is an 8 foot line, that can bunch up or get tangled, I know. Again analog in a Digital world, my computers are digital, my cell phone, my tablet, and so forth. My car is a mix, it has digital readout in the stereo, but the speed-o-meter is Dials with hands, only the odometer is digital. The clocks in my shop are I guess considered antiques; they have minute hands, which I was perplexed as to why my grandchildren couldn’t tell the time when they visited me, they didn’t learn to tell time analog, but instead Digital. My clocks in the house all are analog, hands. Only the cable box is digital. I listen to a record player, which is analog. I also listen to music over Bluetooth to a wireless speaker, that’s digital.

Recently I had the delight to repair a set of old smith & corona type writers, those are analog, then I fixed two digital word processors, and one had a liquid crystal display. How many of you out there still use a type writer with a ribbon and ink? The clack of the keys always made you sound busy. The ironic thing is that even typing this article, I paid extra for a keyboard that has mechanical keys; they have that familiar “clack” when you type. It is like the only way I know that I am truly working.

Are you living analog in a digital world? Just how many things do you use that don’t have batteries, need winding, plugging in to a jack, have a minute hands? You will be surprised just how many things you use every day that are analog, if you stop and take notice. Digital is nice, convenient at times, and unfortunately replacing everything analog. I am not sure just how long my wind up pocket watch will last, or my Sennheiser headphones with the 3/8” jack will be able to connect to my Digital devices, on the other hand the only thing I have that will stay truly analog, is my toaster. Thanks for reading, and remember at “Hunt Technology”, you always get “Quality Service & Individual Attention” you deserve.  Hunt Technology, 320 Watson St., Ripon WI, 920-290-0936

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