Cold and Flu

It is the cold and flu season, and yes, you can get the flu from touching a keyboard, mouse, even a coffee cup. Being in my line of work, I see all too often the dangers of catching something contagious. I actually won’t work on a pc, without gloves if you smoke, for the tar and nicotine that attach to your pc’s internal component can make a wicked carcinogen that can make me real sick if I come in direct contact with them, like changing your ram. Laptops suffer the most for infections, I spray the keyboards with Hydrogen Peroxide, and if it foams up, there is bacteria just waiting to cling to my fingers. Something to consider this time of year, is cleaning the virus from your PC’s keyboards, Mice and tablets, Cellphones. Yes, coffee cups, the ones that are stacked upside down, or sitting on the shelf, because what part of the cup do you drink from, but, what part of the cup do you touch the most, the bottom or sides that are exposed to airborne infections!

I will discuss just how to clean the devices mentioned, the proper way as to avoid anything happening to your device, like water damage, or data corruption. NEVER in any circumstance should you spray water or cleaning fluid directly onto your PC or Laptop, Tablet or Phone, Always apply cleaning agents to a clean soft cloth, but not to the point of dripping wet.

1st. always make sure the device will not turn on during the cleaning, unplug the power, if a laptop, take out the battery, Pc’s and tablets and cellphones should be off, not asleep. Mice, take out the battery.

2nd. Apply cleaning fluid to a soft clean soft cloth, never directly spray the device. Wipe down the devices, on keyboards go slow and soft or popping keys will result.

3rd. Most disinfectants will leave a sticky residue, something not wanted on keyboards, after you have gently removed the gunk with the disinfectant, always “rinse” with another clean soft cloth that just has clean water applied to it.

4th. Allow everything to dry, buff with a dry clean cloth if necessary. Cell Phones and Tablets apply here.

To further help you during this time of year, make sure never to eat at or by your laptop, I get so many laptops that have liquid damage, coffee, tea, soda, which is consumed while using the device. Spills do happen, and usually not in your favor.

Pc keyboards should be wiped down twice a week, if you are in a cubical, airborne infections can land on everything within the confines of the cubical, desktop, keyboards, mice, coffee cups, even if you cover your mouth, can you be sure the other cubical mate does the same? Sharing your desktop with other employees only increases your chances, and Yes even your cellphones can spread infection. Word of advice, if the scroll wheel of your mouse is gunky on the edges, more than likely it has a plethora of bugs, boogers and stuff just waiting to stick to your fingers. In all honesty, the mouse wheel is the hardest to clean, never is the clean part up, so toss it, get a new clean mouse for the flu season, a 15 buck investment is far cheaper than a trip to emergency. Thanks for reading, and remember, keep your PC safe and your family Safer.

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