Paper or Plastic

Hello, Chad here from Hunt Technology. This week I would like to discuss some very low technology that everyone can understand. It is not computer related, and so as to keep everyone in the loop, I will keep my answers and explanation simple.

Paper or Plastic

We now live in a world that is mostly post consumer , meaning that the paper we use or the plastic we use comes from items that have been recycled once, or many times. The products originally came from a tree, or chemical plant, but have been recycled into their current form. Paper that we use today has been recycle many times, so we are not cutting down new trees to make paper bags. Same for plastic bags, they where once plastic bottles, now they are very thin, and break easily, and seem to be getting thinner every day, right?

This is where the technology comes in, when the clerk asks you “Paper or Plastic” depending on your purchase, the cold / frozen items should always go into paper bags. Why? Because paper is a better insulation that that 3 micron plastic bag. Your Ice cream, your Milk, your frozen food, will stay colder longer, even in a hot car, during the ride home, it won’t sweat, and the product won’t melt or get gooey in the box, like it would in plastic bags so quickly.

Plastic bags are good for anything that is not cold or frozen, but they do not like sharp corners on boxes or packages, heavy pickle jars, or canned goods, and to be honest, paper bags can hold all those items without being double bagged.

Where is all this going you might wonder, well, to be honest, the clerk and bagboy jobs are being eliminated, instead for self checkouts, Most store now have fewer clerks that actually are humans, they do not offer the “paper or plastic” option for bagging, and the person at the checkout, is there to help “train” you how to use the self checkout, not to help you checkout.

So when you bag your own groceries, you now know if given the choice, cold or frozen in paper, all the rest in plastic. That’s called information technology.  Thanks for reading, and remember at “Hunt Technology”, you always get “Quality Service & Individual Attention” you deserve.  Hunt Technology, 320 Watson St., Ripon WI, 920-290-0936

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