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Three Types

There are three different types of accounts to a computer: standard, administrator, and guest. You might wonder what’s the difference between them or what function is limited to each type. Let’s look at them one by one: Administrator account: I am using just an Admin account on all my PC’s, is this bad? Well, it […]

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Using Your Head

I love articles and papers written about technology, even stupid tech that cannot be explained. Boost Your Car’s Key Fob Range by using your head, literally! Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke wrote “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” When you read those words, you might imagine yourself showing an iPad to someone […]

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Hijacker This week we discuss a topic that is very relevant as of late. Many of you have been told that “You have a Browser Hijacker” and the explanation of how and why is often not fully understood, so I will keep it as simple as I can, without getting too technical. Where a browser […]

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