Summer Time

Summer Time

During the summer months, your PC is likely to be used less as it would be in the winter, just like the brakes on your car. With that mindset, mechanics use that knowledge to run sales on tires and brakes just before winter. Hackers know that your PC will be used less during the summer, cause you’re out playing in the sun. Not using your PC every day, you would miss out on Updates, and patches for your computer.

Microsoft patches and updates happen every second Tuesday of every month, and with the latest strain of Malware and Ransomware out this past week alone, I’m sure that ol’ laptop or Desktop is on, but not long enough to get Updated, or even check for updates, that could help keep you free from harm.

I talk from experience, for I came across a unit that I own that had not had updates applied after 3/17

The device has been in a case, on the floor, and off to one side. During the summer, I have put off my regiment of staying up-to-date, and when I turned it on to find out just how long it has been since I had updated it, I thought that for most of the spring and summer (so far) NOT keeping up on updates was a risky thing to do. For in the event I needed this device, it would not have had the update applied by Microsoft to keep me from being hit with Wanna Crypt or any other ransom ware out in the wild.

So, this week I have set aside some time to do just that for all of my devices, making sure they are up to date, with any and all patches, updates, and scanning them for infections, Not a quick scan either, a full scan which takes longer, but checks every nook and cranny. I suggest you do the same, cause winter and fall are getting closer every day, and the need for that PC for your fix of entertainment to get you through the day, might not be up to speed.

Considering the mosquitoes, and rain, and stormy weather as of late, you should be inside just long enough to get all updates and a full scan in before you go out again. Just remember to do so for the next few months, and if you don’t do this normally, Now would be a good time to hit the update button.

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