A New Year, new rules


January 9th was National Clean off Your Desk Day, did you miss it? Try to keep your desktop clean and orderly, sort papers into 3 stacks, to-do now, for later, and to file. Toss anything extra and wipe down the surface. (The average desk has more bacteria than a toilet seat!).

Making your new year’s resolutions for most does not include changing your passwords. In fact, 46% of people rarely or never change their passwords for online financial accounts. That will leave a mark. My suggestion is rather to change the passwords every 3 months, and don’t use the same password for multiple sites, cause if you get hacked, the hacker will thankyou by emptying all of your accounts in 1 day. Seriously, change your passwords every 3 months. You will thank me for this advice.

Facebook is very popular, so are twitter and other forms of social media to the point that in this day, a resume is not all it is cracked up to be. No, today 60% of employers screen candidates via social media. A good rule of thumb, post like everyone is looking.

Keep it Clean

No-no’s: Timeline posts involving profanity, vitriolic political rants, and Bad-mouthing companies or bosses. Keep it professional, many recruiters frown upon too many selfies. Bad spelling and grammar can suggest you don’t communicate well. So for this week I offer some facts that, if you follow, your desk will be clean as, well, not as a whistle. You changed your passwords to keep your data safe, and if you use a PC to look for work, may some of the suggestions help you find a job, so you can have a desk, to keep it clean, and um, I better stop here.

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