10 Again

10 again

Well here we are, June 2016, and Microsoft is not so popular anymore. The free Upgrade to 10 has become a nightmare for many. I am often asked why, windows 10 installed overnight, and how can they do that if I didn’t ask for it. I will discuss the how and why.

First, the recommended update. What is a recommended update? Well, to be honest, it is a patch or bug fix, for the line of code, that Microsoft has become aware that causes bad things to happen on your pc. They issue a patch, or, fix for that line of code every second Tuesday of each month. Sometimes the patches are many, or just a few. By default, when you first set up your PC many eons ago, the settings for updates and patches was set to a default time, which happens to be every Tuesday, at 3 am. Sounds like a normal time to get updates, right? Really what had happened, you just agreed to get any and or all, recommended updates around 3 am or so and automatically install them. Wait, what?

Yes, as a default, which is the norm for almost 90 % of all PC’s in the world, is that setting. You agreed to the terms. For years you have been getting updated from Microsoft in this fashion, without a glitch.

Enter in 10

Now, windows 10, was initially a free upgrade, FREE is the magic word. Nobody wanted anything Free from Microsoft. They (Microsoft) hated that. Then the ad’s got more frequent, and downright pushy. If you were tech savvy you knew a way to avoid windows from updating automatically. But for most of us, that was privileged knowledge. Then we regressed even further, Microsoft touted the Operating System as the best ever, but, still we declined.

Black Hats

In the tech world, we have white hats, and black hats. A “black hat” hacker is a hacker who “violates computer security for little reason beyond maliciousness or for personal gain” A “white hat” hacker breaks security for non-malicious reasons; the term is generally synonymous with ethical hacker”

Right now, from my point of view, Microsoft is a Black Hat hacker. They have un-justifiably manipulated the delivery method of their own software to profit from it, and by doing so, has essentially hacked your PC. They have gone to the extreme end of the spectrum, and changed the free upgrade to a recommended update.  Knowing full well that almost every PC is set to the default settings as I had mentioned before, and thus allowing windows 10 to be downloaded and installed under a cloak of obscurity without proper credentials, and without approval, only to profit from this malicious attempt to get you to try Windows 10. So yes, you have been hacked, by the same company that we are supposed to trust, that we depend on every day of our lives to keep us safe from this kind of malware. I am in a lather just typing this, Microsoft, if you are listening, drop it now. You risk losing a large portion of market share, along with loyal fan base, without the ability to recover. You are not sitting on 80 billion in cash like Apple.


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