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The news as of late is a buzz with the Fed’s and Apple. The underlying issue is the right to privacy. For some of you, I am sure you have heard of the problem, the FBI has an Apple IPhone that they need to get into. It is locked. They have tried to “hack” their way into the device, trying several methods of which all have failed. So they (FBI) in turn have approached Apple to ask them to “break” the security measures that are designed into the phone. Apple refused. This has gone to court, and the hearing has been postponed. They have found a possible way to hack into the phone, and if they are successful they will not ask the judge to make a ruling.
To help understand what the problem is, I will explain it like this; we have a locker with an extremely safe door. It has a combination lock on the door. Apple is the owner of the locker and the lock. The FBI has that same locker, and they need to get into it, but they don’t have the combination to the lock. The FBI doesn’t want Apple to remove the lock; they want Apple to redesign the locker to have the door hinges on the outside, so they can break into the locker easier by removing the hinge pins.
This is the problem, if they can break into it easier, so can anyone else. This is not what Apple as a company wants to provide to its customers. A less than secure phone, that allows anyone easier access into your private data. The FBI has already tried several “hacking “methods to gain access, and failed. Verizon has turned over all of the IPhone’s records, what they are trying to get to is unclear. This is a problem that the FBI has encountered many times, un-able to get into a phones records, so now they want a court to order Apple to make this device have a backdoor so they (FBI) can come and go as they please. This is just a very complicated issue, the metrics involved cannot be perceived by the average public, imagine if a foreign government gets ahold of this new technology that the FBI wants Apple to apply to this IPhone.
So for now, this court case has been placed on hold till after April 5th. This could be a political move, it is election time, or the FBI wants this to die down a bit. Something interesting I found out, Apple originally told the FBI that possibly we could help you, just keep it out of the press. When they wouldn’t do what the FBI wanted, The FBI went public. I own several Apple devices; I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that a recent software update has implemented a secret backdoor into my device that exposes my data. Imagine how 1 billion owners of active Apple devices in use today feel about this? I think now you understand the conundrum Apple is faced with.
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