Windows 10 Privacy Problems

Windows 10 Privacy Problems
Everyone is asking me if I have windows 10, being a computer guru, I must have a copy on one PC as so I can understand the software and changes it makes. It helps to correct things when a client’s PC gets infected, also, I also am a part of the development community, and so all of my experience with 10 gets sent back to Microsoft in the form of a survey after each session.
The problem I have with 10 that keep me from using it on my own PC, is privacy.
Windows 10 is always watching me, where I go and what I do on the web to the point of being intrusive. Cortana is supposed to be there to help with my schedule and contacts, it is her job to follow you around and make helpful suggestions based on what I’m doing, what’s in my calendar, but there is a fine line between being helpful and being smothering. Between following me around on the web, to logging my keystrokes or sending me personalized ads, windows 10 for my taste, is too much in my business.
Cortana, keep her out of my hair. She is not Siri, or even Alexa, she is worse than both combined. She makes suggestions based on my surfing habits, keeps a log of my voice searches, and then sends that data back to Microsoft? I can’t imagine why Microsoft would need to know what I am doing every minute of the day. Even more so, why do I have to worry about what I asked Cortana to do for me, after all she is just a program, right?
Did you know that Windows 10 is logging your keystrokes? They say it is for improving your typing and writing in the future, but I think that’s a privacy concern that still hasn’t been addressed. And the next major problem I have with this new software is tracking.
Ad tracking, I hate it that ads keep popping up for things I just literally looked for online. It makes me feel as if I am really being watched, and under the privacy settings I found a surprise, I have an Advertising ID, and by default it lets apps and programs share what I just looked for online. Trying to shut all of these things off is very time consuming, considering I have to check these things in every browser I install, and make sure they are off.
File Sharing. Windows 10 has a setting that allows you to share your system updates and files with potentially the entire internet, It’s like bit torrent for windows, but do you really want that? The really confusing thing about these subjects is that Microsoft has hidden them well within the software, like they didn’t want you to know what it was up to. Turning all of these problems off takes some sleuthing, and now I have managed to turn off Files sharing, Keystroke logging, Ad Tracking, and told Cortana to put a cork in it, call me the lone wolf of Windows 10, I go where I want, and I answer to no-one. I can just see the look on Cortana’s face, “just wait until I tell Mom & Dad”.
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