Manage Your Media with NAS

Quick: Where’s that video you shot while on vacation last summer?

If you’re like most people, your media — photos, videos, and music — is scattered far and wide across a collection of computers, cameras, phones, and CDs — with some stashed online across a half-dozen websites.

Make this the year where you get all of this under control. It isn’t difficult: Network-attached storage, or NAS, makes the perfect centerpiece for your media collection. All you need to do is pick the device that’s the right size for you and your data.

Here’s how NAS helps you store, manage, and access your media better than any other method.

NAS Offers Room to Grow

If you’ve ever torn your hair out because your computer’s hard drive was maxed out or had to delete apps to make room for more photos on your mobile devices, you’ll love one of the biggest benefits of NAS: Breathing room. Even a basic 2-bay NAS like the QNAP HS-210 can support up to 8,000 gigabytes of storage, vastly more than you’ll get from web services like Dropbox. You simply add an appropriately sized hard drive to complete the package.

NAS Keeps Your Data Safe

With NAS, you control who gets access to your media, not a faceless corporation you’re entrusting with your memories. You decide who gets in and who gets out, setting permissions on a folder-by-folder basis. Set up individual user accounts and groups (one for friends, one for family) to give everyone access to the right files and nothing more. QNAP even scans for viruses automatically to keep your data safe.

NAS Takes the Hassle Out of Organizing Media

QNAP NAS devices make organizing your media files easy thanks to a collection of apps that run much like the ones you’re used to on your smart phone. Photos aren’t just dumped into a folder, but are presented as photo albums that can be accessed online and shared through social networks, ensuring they aren’t buried in the recesses of your camera phone forever. Likewise, your home videos are presented on a personal website where friends and family can enjoy them. Even your music collection can be shared on Facebook if you want to play virtual DJ.

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