Windows XP Use it or Lose it

My grandpa once told me; are you part of the problem, or are you part of the answer?

Windows XP, should I continue to use it?

I bring up this subject for the fact that many of my readers, who are also some of my clients, are still using Windows XP. Frankly, I am shocked to the fact that you trust a non-supported OS. Surfing the web in an outdated browser, visiting websites that can infect you just by looking at the webpage, all wrapped up in an OS that Microsoft has not supported as of April of last year, and you still use it this year? It is like driving a car with flat tires, just how far do you think it will go? Tax time is approaching, doing your taxes online with an old unsupported OS, is something I do not recommend. If this scares you, well, it should scare you. This is not a fairytale. This is real life, and the reality is that if you are using XP, Even with an Anti-virus (hopefully) it is still more than an 85% chance that your system will get infected or compromised.  I realize that upgrading now has left you feeling stuck with either Apple or Windows 8.1, and that the alternative is a smartphone or a tablet. But those are just a niche; they only fill a space between a PC and a laptop, mostly media consumption, without the ability to be fully productive.  The cheapest Mac starts at $999.00, Windows 8 around $400, Windows 7 which is in high demand, will cost a slight bit more $500-$600. With 8 being so unpopular, prices are at an all-time low, but, I am still not convinced that 8 is the way to the future. With Microsoft so quickly developing Windows 10, I think they even know it is a flop.  What happened to Windows 9? More on that subject next week.

The Cost of Upgrading, or Losing Everything?

I guess upgrading seems like a costly move, spending 300 to 400 dollars on a new PC when the XP machine is still running right? But let’s look at the upside of upgrading.

Let’s say right now your data is clean and intact, it can be transferred to your new PC easily without losing anything. Your new PC is virus free, faster than the old XP unit. You can do more, play better games and be more productive. You will keep your family safe, and you’re Identity safer. You help rid the world of Infected PC’s that spread viruses without the owner’s knowledge or consent.

Losing everything, there is no upside. The cost of upgrading after loss is more; can you pace a value on all that data that you’ve never backed up on that XP unit? Add that plus the cost of a new PC.

Windows 7 is still around for a short time, and if you own a windows 8 machine and it is not feeling right or you can’t get used to it, we can make it look and feel just like Windows 7. We also carry select Laptops and Desktops with Windows 7. Windows 8 can be had if asked at Hunt Technology.

Thanks for reading, and keep your PC secure and your family safe. Remember at Hunt Technology, you always get Quality Service & Individual Attention you deserve.

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