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Hunt Technology

Computer Sales & Service is what we are about. Hunt Technology is located in the heart of Ripon at  320 Watson street, in the old “Book World” building. We offer Virus removal, Malware removal, Data Recovery, Laptop and Desktop Repair.

We repair Windows and Apple/Mac products, from laptops to desktops, as well as tablets. We sell New Laptops, New Desktops & Hunt Tech Custom Built Business & Gaming units, and Home Theater PC customs. We also provide counseling and tutoring services on many subjects related to the PC.  See store for details.


Being a computer repair shop, that does not limit us as to what we can or try to repair, everything with a “chip” in it is considered, toasters are not. Gone are the days of the “repair all shop”, but we come close to that for our customers. Be sure to click on the Services button for a full description. Our rates are highly competitive and if I don’t have what you want in stock, I will get it for you. In most cases, your PC will be repaired the same day. We have a first come, first served policy. No waiting in line, no Drop off fees. 


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