PC Repair

PC Repair & Upgrades

This is an hourly rate, plus parts needed. All parts will be installed as per requirements of the PC manufacturer. No modded or altered parts will be installed. $75.00

Virus Removal

Virus Removal – In Store

Removes Virus, Mal-ware, Ad-ware, or Root Kits. Install New Anti-Virus & Scan, Repair any OS issues and boot time errors. Update system with critical patches and tweak system for optimal functionality. We install 2 Forms of Mal-ware Protection for you to use. $150

Data Back-up is not included if format and reload is required.

Virus Removal – In Home or Office

Services as listed above in your home or office. Includes Gold Edition. Trip charge will be applied for mileage traveled. Within Ripon Area (1 mile radius) $150, Outside Ripon Area (25 mile radius) $200


If your PC is corrupted, and Virus Removal is not an option, we will Wipe the current Hard Drive, re-format it and re-install the original software that came with your device. At any time prior to this, you may inquire about upgrading to a new Operating System (if your device can be upgraded) for an additional charge. This service does not include any other programs installed other than the original factory software. $150


Basic Diagnostic

Evaluation of PC is based upon the problems described by the customer, We will provide a total cost of repair estimate. $30zombie-virus-pc

Advanced Diagnostic

Evaluation of PC based upon problems described by the customer, With the unit having to be disassembled to complete diagnostics. Example, Broken LCD screen, Internal Hard Drives that have no external access, Possible Water Damage, DC Jack repair. We will provide a total cost of repair estimate. $60


PC & Network Troubleshooting – In Home or Office

Test Network Router, Modem, Wireless Router for trouble. Resolve connectivity issues , Set-up network for file sharing. Test PC hardware and programs functionality, Includes Trip Charge. Within Ripon area (1 mile radius) $150, Outside Ripon area – (25 mile radius) $200

Data Recovery

Transfer of data from 1 source to another medium, CD/DVD or flash drive. Results in only documents, music and photos. Programs must be installed from the original format and are not recoverable. $100

Email recovery will incur an additional charge of $75. Fee includes email messages and addresses.

Recovery of data is not guaranteed. Not all data can be recovered.




Hardware Install

In Store Service

Install components internal or external – such as a graphics card, hard drive, Power Supply. Configure PC and install any related software. $35




New PC Setup

Unpack, update, set passwords, remove trial software, install Anti-Virus of your choice. In store service – $150, In-home or office – $200


LCD Screen Repair

Parts & Labor to replace a LCD Panel on a 15.6″ laptop. Exact pricing is subject to model and difficulty of installation, average cost is $129.99 on 15.6″ non LED LCD. Total cost $169.99+ tax











DC Jack Replacement

Parts & Labor to replace a broken DC Jack on a 15.6″ laptop. Exact Pricing is subject to model & difficulty of installation. Total cost $124.99+






Laptop or Desktop? PC or Mac? LCD, LED, Plasma HDTV? Let us survey your current devices and network, make recommendations on upgrades and design a solution that fits your needs best. $75