Hunt Technology was inspired in part by my Dad and my brother Aaron. About 20 years ago Aaron had purchased me a PC kit and I built my first PC. Our father had owned a small TV and Appliance store in downtown Ripon, Steve’s Appliance Center, located in what is now Grant’s Pack and Ship. My father was an accountant before he was in sales. I imagined one day I would own that store, but late in 84 he sold the business. Technology was a apart of our lives, my father treated his customers like family, his ability to communicate with people, and earn their respect, set a great example on how to manage your own business.
Years later, and after some formal training and certifications, I started a referral service, mostly repairing friends and family PC’s and tech devices. I relied on word of mouth to let my business grow.20160223_170155
So, 18 years ago I had decided to take a friend’s advice he had given me, and made it a point to be an actual business entity, not a shade tree mechanic, so to speak. So with the support of my family I moved this forward. Without the help and guidance, and the motivational seminars with my Dad & Aaron, this would not have happened. Thanks to all of you for helping me make a dream come true.