How scammers get paid

Scammers are changing how they want you to send cash. A scam isn’t complete until money has changed hands. So crooks expertly use available methods to make that happen quickly.

The latest trend is these three methods for money transfers. But take a pause, and ask yourself: Would any business or government agency ask you for money using any one of these methods? If someone calls and seeks cash form you in one of these ways, take a long moment to consider.

Money Transfer Apps

Peer-to-peer apps like Venmo, Zelle, and Cash App allow you to move funds easily to a friend or family member who also has an account. But most apps like these say in the user agreements that they are designed to be used by people who know and trust each other. They do not offer consumer protection of any kind. The best known money transfer app is PayPal, they do mediate disputed transactions, But caution is very critical when using these apps, if someone you don’t know is selling something and taking payment from an app like this, I would decline.

Wire Transfer

These tried and true services are good for sending money to loved ones. But crooks love them too. Wire transfers are usually used for expediting lottery or sweepstake scams, were you are asked to send some cash to help things along- which never materialize. When a MoneyGram or Western Union transfer happens, it is untraceable. No protection from fraud. If I was asked to pay for anything from a scammer like this, a red flag is considered.

Store Gift Cards

Gift cards have become a favorite way for scammers to cheat you out of money. One common call is that a friend or relative is in trouble, and the only way to get money to them over the phone, is a gift card. You are instructed to go to a local retailer and purchase the gift cards for several hundred dollars, and then read the code on the back of the cards to the caller over the phone as so they can take payment. Once you’ve done that, the scammer can use the codes to buy merchandise-including other gift cards in lower denominations, which make the cash untraceable.

So this time of the year when taxes are coming up, the scammers will be calling you, including Microsoft, and the IRS, You will be informed and ready to take action. Thanks for reading, and remember at “Hunt Technology”, you always get “Quality Service & Individual Attention” you deserve.

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