The Real You

The Real You

If you know me, you know the love for technology that I have. At times it controls my life in more ways than I can grasp. This is an article I wrote over 2 years ago, it was a good read then, and I thought in light of this being the first week of summer, maybe we all should try this again. I think the hardest part of this test is to be free from face book for more than 10 min., seriously.

Let’s begin with the list of items I’m sure most of you have, Cell Phone, Tablet, Laptop, desktop, second tablet, iPad, iPod, android tablet, Smartphone? Anything I missed?

Now, for the test, we start small; try to use just 2 devices all day.

Day 1:

Making eye contact with those you interact with. Try to avoid answering the phone during a meal. During the day, at 2 times you choose, clear your mind for ten minutes , Avoid late night emailing, and say “I love you” to someone you love, without texting. When you are done working for the day, let all calls go to voicemail, check email 2 times during the day. At night, 1 hour before bed, turn off all devices, read a book, or play cards, listen to meditation music. Sleep.

Day 2:

This is harder than step 1, most of you may fall off the wagon, try to get back on. You allow yourself only 1 device, choose wisely. Take calls during business hours, No texting if the person is in the same room with you, speak to them, and look at them making eye contact, if they reply, reply back by saying real words, not texts. During the day, at 2 times you choose, clear your mind for ten minutes, No switching devices. Limit your internet time to just checking email. No Social networking, Eye contact, use full words, no text talking, say I love you. No Face book. Read a real book, Listen to light music, sleep.

Day 3:

Today is the day, no devices allowed. No email, no voicemail, no 4G LTE, no Wi-Fi, no texting, no cell phones, no Face book, Try to Enjoy the day, be where you are with those you are with. Make eye contact, talk full words, I love you too. During the day, at 2 times you choose, clear your mind for ten minutes, no distractions, reflect, and meditate. Clearing your mind just 10 minutes a day makes you more creative, allows your brain to recharge. Go retro, use a real watch, if you run a business, after 5pm, all calls go to voicemail, play a board game, read a book, and listen to calming music before bed, no watching T.V., detox the brain, recharge the mind. Sleep.

By the third day, the ones you love will notice how nice it is to be around you, spend time with you. You will catch yourself having fun, less stress, and recharged. This may be a short course to a tech free weekend, but the power you have been given, it’s up to you to use it. I have managed to get through my whole weekend, not using tech, almost except for typing this blog. I have been in places with no internet, no cell phone coverage in the past, and have gone completely bonkers. This time was different. I had enjoyed my vacation time; I could have used all the technology I brought, but chose not to. I survived the withdrawal from technology for the whole weekend.  Now where’s my cell phone? Thanks for reading, and keep your PC secure and your family safer.  Remember at “Hunt Technology”, you always get “Quality Service & Individual Attention” you deserve.

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