The Scammer and You

The Scammer and You


This week I would like to inform my readers about two other scams that are affecting us today. The first one is about someone we love, and the second is about being led astray. In both situations, the scammer is very convincing, and this is where you need to use extreme caution.

ET phone Home

Many of my readers have called me on this subject, telling me the details of how they have gotten a call from an extended family member or friend in trouble. Again, only after the fact did they feel the call was not genuine, and somehow they were taken advantage of by the scammer. Most calls start the same way, “Hello?” grandma? I this is Tommy, your grandson; I am in a foreign country and have been jailed. Don’t tell Mom & Dad, but, please send me some money so I can get home. This is where the scammer is playing on your sympathy, for somehow they know your friends of family members, and are banking on the fact, that you will send cash because of your love for them. I would suggest this, if they are in earnest, and they are truly a friend or family member, tell them that you need to hang up on them to call someone who can verify their whereabouts, then call those people to make verification, the call will end here. Mostly because the scammer will know you know just what is happening.

My printer needs a firewall

That quote may sound a bit funny, but more often than not, it is a scam. The first place to look for the support number should be on that device itself, either in the bottom for a sticker, or a manual that came with the product. If you called the tech support from the web, with problems about not being able to print, and they tell you that your computer is infected, “pause & reflect” that is not what I called about, let’s stay on topic, can you help me with a troubleshooting breakdown of why I can’t print. There is no reason why they “The Tech”, need to get into your computer to fix a printer issue. If they ask or tell you they need to, hang up.

In all honesty, printers are an I/O device, meaning they either work, or they don’t, they have a logic board which tells them directions from the computer in a language that only they understand. If they don’t print, it is usually a driver/ communication issue, or the print head is clogged. The ink is usually water based, and if you don’t print much, it will dry up and clog the print head. Inkjet printers need to print something often, and every two weeks is not often enough. Some print heads are replaceable, most are not. My suggestion, unless you print photos or color documents every other day, get a mono tone laser jet printer, that usually fits the bill for most of you who print coupons or letters. As for a firewall or virus removal to print, that is a scam. Consider this, if you bring it to Hunt Technology, for just 30 dollars, I can tell you in person  why you can or cannot print, or suggest purchasing a new printer. No firewall needed.

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