The Desktop Dino

The Desktop Dino
Whatever happened to the desktop PC? I mean the true desktop, because today you have only 3 types of computers, Gamer Desktops, laptops, or all-in-ones. The desktop I mean is the heavy steel beige case, on its side, with a 400 pound Monitor sitting on top. Then your keyboard proudly in front of your zip drive, your CDRW drive, and floppy drive, not to mention a plethora of USB ports at your fingertips.
Today we have laptops with no DVD drives, desktops with no DVD drives, and most all-in-ones only have a flimsy laptop DVD drive. The processing power of all of these types has dropped in favor of size constraints, due to the case design, and with Windows 10 having the ability to run with less horse power under the hood, even the motherboards have no fans because the processor never gets hot enough to be cooled off. This truly bothers me; because we are buying these cheap made for black Friday, computers, and we expect them to run like a gamer because we paid too much for so much less.
I build gaming PC’s, and to be honest, most of the ones I build never get games on them, they are used for everyday computing, because they have the ability to run several applications at one time, without fear of locking up. They cost more, but, as I always say, cheap in – cheap out.
You must now accept the fact that most 300 to 400 dollar PC’s are going to be a bit slow, slower than you’d expect, mostly because of the tiny processor that sips energy, rather than gulps it, to save energy. What you don’t understand is that the power hungry processor in the gamer units, used to be in the old desktops. Who ever owned a behemoth from IBM, and ever had a problem of it not being able to keep up? Today is about being sleek, thin and light, cutting edge. That is not what you want when you have a business that needs processing power. Going chimp on a basic pc, I mean a cheap pc, to replace that old Dino that is dressed in beige, is not going to get you the results you want when you need to surf the web, stream movies, or type an essay. Word processing is the most labor intensive for a processor to endure, typing away at the keys, and your flashing cursor 3 words behind, is not a sign of a bad keyboard, it is the sign that your processor can’t do more than one thing at a time, because you wanted a cheap pc.
The other reason I suggest you use a gaming PC is, repair/ replace. Most of the PC’s in any form on the market today, have no serviceable parts, much like printers under $200.00, meaning they are designed to be thrown away, or disposed of. Most All-in-ones are just that, all in one, and are not meant to be taken apart and fixed; the clips that hold them together are a onetime only use. Popping the back off usually ends up with sliced fingers and broken plastic. Tablets are worse, they are glued together, no screws. Laptops nowadays most are not repairable, they have very few replaceable parts and are difficult to obtain. Today the only PC that has the ability to be upgraded, or even repaired, is the Gamer PC. It is like the old beige dinosaur, only with a flashy sport jacket, tons of space, power supplies that eat up 1000 watts or more, fans and water cooling, because they get hot, video cards, and solid state hard drives, DVD burners, media card readers, tons of USB ports. The only thing missing is the 400 pound monitor. Thanks for reading, and keep your PC secure and your family safer. Remember at “Hunt Technology”, you always get “Quality Service & Individual Attention” you deserve.
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