Data Breach

Many of you say to me that you read my articles, even if they don’t pertain to you. And as much as I enjoy that, it also gives me great concern that I may not be reaching all of you as I intended, so this week’s article is going to hit close to home for all of you.

As you are aware of, Equifax was hit with a data breach, and in the wake of that breach is left the damage that is yet to be tallied, and for most of us here, the thought is “That can’t happen to me here in the little town I live in. What I am about to tell you may shock you, even scare you, as it should.

The company that was hit, was not a Target store, nor was it the IRS, but somewhere in the middle. In the middle so much, that of the 209,000 individuals that the data breach involved, even more untold across the sea, in other countries are involved. The data that was compromised, is comprised of your Social Security Number, your Driver’s License, your age, birthdate, and any or all of your credit card numbers, including the PIN’s that you assign to “Freeze” your accounts.

For me, I strive to tell everyone I know, about the value of your data, and this type of data is something you have no control over, because this was data that a Security Firm was supposed to keep safe, from an event like this from happening. They found out that have been hacked almost 2 months after the fact, that was precious time for a hacker, and what they will do, or have already done with that data, may impact you, right here in this little town, right now.

I suggest everyone who reads this, go to this website, and verify that this data breach doesn’t affect you, go to www.equifaxsecurtiy2017.com and begin enrollment. Hopefully you haven’t been affected, because this can affect you way out here in the middle of nowhere.

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