Privacy for Convenience

Privacy for Convenience

I have written several articles discussing the ways we are tracked, it was called GPS, now a less intrusive word “location Services” is used every day. The problem with this is that it leaves a large gap in what it is for. Most Apps now days require you to have the location services active so the app can perform better.

What you are not aware of is that you are being tracked. Every movement you make, every street, every place you go is being tracked, and if you have your 4G LTE on as well, you will receive notifications from the stores closes to your proximity. Best Buy should never know I just pulled into the parking lot.

Now in most cases, this is harmless, and very convenient. But, I myself know just how much privacy we have given up for convenience. It is so much that we can’t ever run and hide. Going on vacation was one of many ideas to get away from it all. That now is no longer true, you can’t escape the intrusion, the tracking. The notifications of your actions are being saved by who? How do they know just were you are anyway? In the old days, when we left the house, the phone stayed home, who called? We never knew.

I will help you truly “get away from it all, without ever leaving. I can save some battery life on your phone, and you don’t have to shut it off, but more important, save your privacy. The only thing you will give up is a small amount of convenience.

Location Services, that is what we call GPS or Global Positioning Services, essentially you are carrying a small amount of a certain type of metal that a satellite in space can track, it is found in cellphones and GPS tracking devices like Garmin. Now your car even has this inside the rear-view mirror, and that is what helps the GPS service track your car. This is convenient. Not private, in any way.

Another form of tracking is triangulation, or using 3 points of contact to determine a center location, this is done by using your phones data service, or 3G or 4G LTE data, essentially the internet connection on your device, again, convenient, not private.

So now you understand the methods used to track your everyday movements, how do we go on vacation, and get away from it all? Or go shopping without notifications.

First, go to your settings and turn off the Location Services, essentially your GPS, this will give you a pop up message explaining that certain apps won’t work if you turn this off, and for most of us, that is fine. This will save a lot of battery power.

Next, turn off your Data or 4G LTE service, again you will get a pop up window with the same conflict, again for most of you reading this, you will be fine. This too saves power.

Now, what you have just done is become invisible. The world cannot see you unless you make a call. You can go shopping, go for a nice ride in the country, get away from everyday life.

On vacation, you won’t be getting daily reports, emails, or reminders that can consume your get away time. Trust me, I know. Most important, is that whatever you do, you are not being tracked. For some this might be extreme, not having the up-dates, the reminders, or the Facebook notifications.

The tradeoff for these suggestions is convenience, how much is determined by your need to stay connected, and your desire of relaxation.

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