Cell Phones and Tablets

Cell Phones and Tablets

This week we touch on the topic of keeping our tablets and cell phone clean and backed up. Most new tablets and cell phones have data, like photo’s or videos, that if the device itself quit working, hopefully you made a copy to a PC or in the cloud. Tablets & Cellphones are in fact little pc’s, the data on them can be corrupted or lost.

Cell Phone data back-up, how and when to do this. Most new cell phones come with a combo charging and data cable. If you have a pc, I’d recommend connecting the cell phone to your pc, letting it load the drivers for the phone, give the phone permissions to communicate with the pc, and look inside the phones directory were the photos are kept, usually under the DCIM folder( digital camera Images), that is where all the photos and videos are kept, then left click and drag your cursor over of the files and drag them to your pc on a folder that you created beforehand, call the folder “Cell Phone Pic’s “ with that done you have just backed up your data from that phone. You may repeat as often as you get more pictures, or just bi-annually. Either way you have saved something you would not want to lose.

Tablets other than an iPad will work in the same fashion, iPads will back up to the pc automatically when you attach them via the lightning or 30 pin cable that came with the device. Having it all on the iCloud is not advisable, iCloud data has been breached before, so always back-up to the pc.

Anti-virus on Android, it is possible to have an infection on a phone or tablet, but, in all honesty you can just reset the device to factory defaults and blow out anything hiding inside. All apps from the App store or from Google play store, will always be there, you just need to re-download them to your device again after the reset. It is not convenient, but it is however permanent for you will never have to buy that app again. If you backed up your photos recently, then you are ahead of the game.

So with these tips, I hope to keep you from losing your data, and remember that a cell phone or tablet is just a temporary life device, but the data they capture is not, so back it up, or else I will have to pass out sad emoji’s.

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